Pauline Willis

Pauline is an Organisational & Coaching Psychologist with a key focus on creating and sustaining psychologically healthy workplaces. As a Director of Lauriate Pty Ltd, a provider of integrative, systemic solutions for individuals, teams and organisations, Pauline delivers high impact team leadership, coaching and development solutions using a wide range of psychological tools and approaches. Pauline supports organisations to launch & sustain performance as well as addressing dysfunction. She uses team health checks to inform the design and evaluation of evidence-based interventions. With experience in Australia & internationally, Pauline has worked in high pressure, high stakes environments including energy, military, aerospace, FMCG, pharmaceutical, animal/veterinary & human health, emergency services, banking, IT & Telco. She provides professional supervision for coaches, team coaches, leaders, and psychologists. She is also a registered psychology practice supervisor in both Australia and the UK.


The Importance of Culture & How to Build It

Speaker: Pauline Willis