Greencross Vets Virtual Symposium 2023

The 2023 Greencross Vets Clinical Symposium was delivered face to face between 21 and 22 October 2023 on the Gold Coast, QLD. Recordings of all sessions are available here for six weeks commencing October 23rd.

A virtual exhibition, featuring all our corporate supporters brings you additional CE content, product information, and opportunities to win fantastic prizes by completing short quizes from key exhibitors.


Mastering Parseltongue - what you need to know about snake envenomation.

Speaker: Sabrina Lepiane

Keeping your patient warm during anaesthesia

Speaker: Yvette Spry

The role of the Vet Nurse in reducing Anaesthetic risks

Speaker: Megan Lui

Managing the environment so that cats stay happy and healthy

Speaker: Sally Nixon

Introduction to CPR/Recover guidelines

Speaker: Leah Wright

Dentistry 101 for Veterinary Nurses

Speaker: Lana Robertson

Risks and Recognition: Why do our patients die under anaesthetic and how can we recognise this early?

Speaker: Darcie Kinnaird

Work smarter not harder with student nurses

Speaker: Chelsea Miller

Your Pet Ate What? Understanding Toxicology

Speaker: Asha Yeoman

Managing Incivility - How to make difficult conversations less stressful and more successful.

Speaker: Olivia Oginska

Electrolyte Soup

Speaker: Natashia Evans

Emergencies in Exotics: They were perfectly fine yesterday

Speaker: Susan Beths

Sepsis, Septic Shock and Hypoperfusion

Speaker: Liam Donaldson

Transfusion reactions

Speaker: Leah Wright

Compassionate care without compromising yourself - Recognising and managing compassion fatigue

Speaker: Vanessa Rohlf

Workplace Culture - Psychological Safety and Practical use of Emotional Intelligence in the Veterinary Setting

Speaker: Olivia Oginska

Big skin defect? Don't get in a flap!

Speaker: Arana Parslow

Gingivostomatitis in cats : pathogenesis and treatment

Speaker: Kirsten Hailstone

FIP - Surviving the Tricky Cases

Speaker: Emily Pritchard

Diabetes - Tips and Tricks for Sweet Success

Speaker: Adrian Witham

Clinical Pathology Tips and Tricks

Speaker: Annika Oksa

The Importance of Culture & How to Build It

Speaker: Pauline Willis

The Bigger the Dream, the more Important the Team

Speaker: Yvette Spry, Sarah Wandel, Ming Goh

How to grow your practice

Speaker: Tim Vivian, Meg Carlisle

How to mentor, upskill and develop your veterinary nurses.

Speaker: Tatiana Miller

How to Effectively Roster

Speaker: Ben Simpson-Thouliss

Making the phone touchpoint effective. Achieving the patient's optimal outcome.

Speaker: Alison Lambert

Learning from the last year of consults

Speaker: Alison Lambert

Heatstroke: the Dos and Don'ts

Speaker: Sabrina Lepiane

ECGs - Understanding the Squiggly Lines

Speaker: Samara Blake

Blood Gas Analysis - Understanding Acid-base Abnormalities

Speaker: Leah Wright

Transfusion Medicine - The Clot Thickens!

Speaker: Laura Bennington

Emergency Stabilisation of the BOAS Case: If they Can't Inspire, They'll Expire!

Speaker: Laura Bennington

Practical Tips for Managing Chemotherapy Patients in Your Practice

Speaker: Kathleen O'Connell

Pathology - Case Studies to Illustrate the Value of Pathology Testing

Speaker: Graham Swinney

Understanding Side Effects - How premedication can impact your anaesthesia

Speaker: Darcie Kinnaird

Sepsis, SIRS, & MODS; When Bad Becomes worse

Speaker: Asha Yeoman

Gut inflammation and how it impacts animal health

Speaker: Danny Xue

Common Conditions of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Speaker: Victoria Brownlie

Acute vs Chronic hepatopathies in the dog

Speaker: Luke Johnston

What you need to know about Monoclonal Antibody therapies

Speaker: Richard L’Estrange

Tailoring Anaesthetic Plans: From Premed to Recovery

Speaker: Darcie Kinnaird

Use of Contrast Radiography in working up Gastrointestinal Disease

Speaker: Catheryn Walsh

Quick Guide to Reading ECGs in General Practice

Speaker: Catheryn Walsh

Hindlimb Lameness Tips and Tricks

Speaker: Casey Gordon

Things to consider for geriatric rehabilitation

Speaker: Ah Young Kim

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Max Veterinary Hours available: 73.00