Sarah Wandel

Sarah Wandel has been in the veterinary industry for just over 20 years, beginning in a large mixed animal clinic in regional South Australia. Sarah worked through the clinic from Junior veterinary nurse, through to the clinical manager of the four clinics prior to moving to Strathalbyn Veterinary Clinic in 2012. Strathalbyn was the second clinic in SA to be aquired by Greencross shortly after she begun, and was then given the Practice manager role for this clinic. Sarah has now been with Greencross nearing 12 years and through those years she has moved from Practice Manager to Area manager, amongst juggling starting a family in this time and completing her Diploma in Enrolled Nursing (human not animals!). Sarah and her partner Jason, now have two little girls Sophie and Rylee, and is slowly growing her list of animals- 1 dog, 2 cats, a tonne of tropical fish and hopefully a little pony for the girls soon. Sarah enjoys her role as an area manager, prides herself on having a strong relationship with all of her team members and is super proud of the growth and continuing positive atmosophere in the clinics in South Australia.


The Bigger the Dream, the more Important the Team

Speaker: Yvette Spry, Sarah Wandel, Ming Goh