Asha Yeoman


Asha is a registered and accredited veterinary nurse from Melbourne, with over 17 years of industry experience. Holding a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing to specialise in Emergency & Critical Care, Asha spent 16 years at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital where she developed her passion for clinical excellence, education and leadership, before recently transitioning into the new Greencross Veterinary Hospital at the University of Melbourne where she has taken on the role of Emergency & Critical Care Team Leader. After holding state committee leadership positions for many years, in 2020 Asha was elected into her current role on the VNCA’s National Board of Directors where she has enjoyed contributing to the advancement of and advocacy for the nursing industry across Australia. Asha has a passion for educating nurses and is a guest lecturer for the Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing. She also frequently speaks at conferences and events, authors articles for publication in the Australian Veterinary Nurses Journal, and mentors junior and student nurses.

To further support her pursuit in learning and teaching, she is currently studying a Masters degree in Clinical Education. Asha is a pet parent to two golden weapons of mass destruction, Lulu the Labrador and Oliver the Cavoodle.


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