Laura Bennington


Laura qualified with a BSc(Hons) in Veterinary Nursing from Napier University in Edinburgh in 2010 and registered as an RVN with the RCVS. In 2015 she moved to Australia and started her journey into emergency and critical care, working as a Team Leader and 2IC in a busy referral ICU/emergency department. In 2022 she moved on to head her own ECC department at a new hospital and started her side business 'Veterinary Emergency Specialty Training' aka VEST so that she could share her experience and knowledge to help others learn and develop in the area of ECC. Check out her instagram page @Laurarvn.vest Laura has gained extra qualifications since leaving university, including completing her CertVNECC in 2019 and gaining her VTS (Vet Technician Specialty) in ECC through the AVECCTN in 2022. Laura hopes that by sharing her knowledge and skills she can help people to feel comfortable dealing with both emergencies and critical care patients and achieving better outcomes for future patients and staff.


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Speaker: Laura Bennington

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Speaker: Laura Bennington