Susan Beths


Susan Beths (Sooze) is a Senior Lecturer in exotic animals, birds, and wildlife at the University of Melbourne Veterinary School, along with working clinically seeing exotic pets in the Greencross Veterinary Hospital at Melbourne University. She is also a casual veterinarian with Zoos Victoria at Werribee and Melbourne Zoo, and an emergency vet at Geelong Animal Emergency. She has memberships in Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets and is a qualified marine mammal medic. Sooze graduated from Glasgow University and worked in the UK before moving to the Caribbean. After 7 years there, she moved to Australia. In each job, she’s worked with a wide range of small mammals, reptile, and avian pets along with wildlife, including marine turtles, marine mammals, and primates. Sooze has also worked in Ecuador with rescued primates and South Africa with large game. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, horse riding, ballet dancing, SCUBA diving, and stilt walking


Emergencies in Exotics: They were perfectly fine yesterday

Speaker: Susan Beths